Rozencrantz the Sane (rozencrantz) wrote in writ3rs,
Rozencrantz the Sane


Yet Another New Guy Post:

Hello, I'm a writer who wants a better outlet. I have written a bunch of stuff, but my favorites are The Metacorder, which is an excersize in not writing about anything, and Masculino, which is a very short piece which contains no "feminine" words, based on the Bookblog Gender Genie that everyone is sick of by now. I hope to someday translate it into Spanish without using any Masculine nouns or adjectives.

I also am working on an epic poem The Law of Fives, which started out as a Love Hina/Divine Comedy crossover but has become so much more that I don't think it counts as a fanfic. If you think it does, just flame me and I'll run away with my tail between my legs.
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