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i just want to forget the past
focus on what i think will last

I can't stop thinking about the things people said
The words she spoke; The way you made me feel so dead

It's heart wrenching and easier said than done
To ignore what you did and try to make you the one

But I wanted this so much and I still do
Is it okay that I'm willing to stay in this with you?

I beleive everything you tell me and I know I'm a fool
I wouldn't trade you for a sweet man who spoiled me with love and the occasional jewel

There is something about you; It's your whole personality
I don't trust you yet but I love you completely

Will you turn around and find another girl?
Will you keep one as you are with me and just let things unfurl?

You are to me so wonderful and I want to be with you forever
But I can't stop thinking about what happend this summer

I'm trying so hard not to bring it up
However sooner or later I might erupt

For now I guess I'll just try to keep our relationship alright
And hope and pray to God that this will endure. Goodnight.
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