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Flexing the language muscle yet again

I've been writing this whole time, just not finishing anything. I've now finished The Law of Fives: Climb, and taken up the much lighter (though still dark) New DFC.

I'm at a loss for how to make TLOF: Hills interesting, and I need ideas for things to talk about. The story is, I am climbing up a very tall mountain towards heaven, and talking to Motoko Aoyama from Love Hina. I am excited to finally be able to go to heaven, but I worry that Veiya (from TLOF:Earth) will not want to have anything to do with me. Aoyama, on the other hand, is intent on seeking out God so that she can kill him (or her?) in order to get revenge for all of the torments she went through in the last poem.

So I figure I can make that last for a few cantos, but I need some other things happening to fill it out. In Climb, I talked about falling in love with one of the characters and trying to come to terms with my guilt, but that was all filled out with descriptions of the torments of hell. It goes the other way, too. The Inferno drags on after a while because it is only about the torments of hell, and even that can get boring after a while.
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