bekah (monsoonrain) wrote in writ3rs,

new kid

hullo....can i just ramble-write...i think i shall. i am. "new kid"(bek)this is gonna be sorry...
the symphony of traffic rattles like broken record sandpaper on the sidewalk-we get tangled in the rain.opportunity passe-pushing into us like a silent moment in new york city//every face is an eclipse every face a picasso phase drifting past where your eyes are your nose and your nose is blue. eyes riding the subway, licking my fingers raw. a mess of tangled sock drawer. eyes resemble mosh-pit emotion. your shoes predict you---old souls. cover the hop-scotch distance. sing another lullaby to stir up jukebox memories. lay back down and rockabye.
outside neon lights wraps shroud-like around the streets//the ghosts of long walks-show up as cloud-breathe.things are gonna change so fast. i worry about what will become of autumn. i think to myself id like to become an aquarium. maybe. the color red. i keep asking myself what it is about you and my brain starts roasting the word-"planetarium" i travel miles with. i travel miles with this. a desperate quest for astrological soap. so i can begin and end with once upon a time. may i have this dance?-we could paint out feet carving footsteps in the new construction. in the lack of sky. they’ve given me a free-flood-load down this body down this street given me concrete stretchmarks. i seem to run off where it drips-down deeper. i try to hold my eyes in their sockets-but its getting harder to speak this messy language. i feel so much more like all the roses. then any of you------might be able to imagine. i feel so buried alive, that the slightest sound could open and close me. and sleeping beauty trips away over a key buried in last winter’s snow. next to an patchwork quilt carrying an old man in a cardboard box.oh this air. the very air. that fills the sky that rapes the mind when it feels an inclination. i realize that every story is a love story. every car crash the big bang take one. like you. and you. and you...
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Nicely done. There are a few really great lines in there, "I worry about what will become of autumn" among others. Engaging nonsense is hard to write, but you are on the way to something there.
for actually responding to this....ive been reading past entries. and now im a little embarrassed for posting this long nonsense...mmm.