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oh a cheesy mofo

my heart keeps writing ransom notes to myself
calculating possibilites like a goddamn machine-undefined-undefined
and im missing you like madness...and the ache realizes itself the way apathy puts cigarettes out on her arms in attempt to feel
and this ache...resounds in the cavernous halls of itself screaming/howling/blasting/bending/breaking/grinding/
upend me-----arrive me...
because i crave you with the salt of me
i crave you
with the splashing my eyes with salt-sea-air
wipe away your tears
id wipe away your tears
because i crave you-like the ocean craves itself
i crave the roots of existence
yes, i crave your eyes and the way they magnetize
the sooth-FIRE in the guitar father played for me when i was four-years-old...when i cried because i knew nothing better....
i want you knowing this. as your knowing your worth.
give of yourself to me...
i will pour the salt of me into you like a mantra-waterfall i will speak to you in the rhythms of my raw-my ugly-my small, too small-my words which could never own themselves.....
listen. boy.i give you this throbbing-pounding avalanche of an sos-sos-sosing fucko of a heart...
though i am scared to give of myself to you
because my heart keeps writing ransom notes to itself
calculating possibilities like a goddamn avalanche
and im tumbling down...down...down...
to the down..down...down...
to the down..down..down
to the down..down...down
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