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donno how good this is gonna be....fuck disclaimers i know....its a damn....bleh

ramble-bit of prose/poem just to keep me alive

tonight i felt the velocity of that one minute that lasted forever
the nervous chatter inside my voice box
slicing through the open air's seeming grimace
and i struggle to remember this
knowing that this forget stumbles through
everything is real until you
nothing is real until you
and i said so much while saying nothing at all
and i could feel my gut gasping for breathe in the midst of this nervous-chatter until we were
moving in a forgotten motion
half fluid with jagged edges
no tiptoe of tongues
this was sudden discoverer magnifying certain features
feeling for you with my inner
discover-eye to eye//mouth to mouth...(teeth to teeth)
VIVE! and alive and
kissing my imperfections
city-landscapes sigh and heave
the hudson river wails like a banshee
undress me garbage by the river
undress this neon shroud
and discover scars of stardust
and monsoon rain
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