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I'm new

I stumbled across this because we share "Microsoft Word" as an interest, and well previously I was the only person on LJ to have it as an interest. So the 21 other folks...well...o well. I had to join because I live close to Boston.

I never write poetry, but I like this.

You can't put
in a bottle
doesn't work that way

you can't put

into a soup into words
it might eat you alive

you must not whisper its name
only scream

Chaos does not want you to talk about it.
Chaos would rather go unnoticed.
Chaos will find you asleep.
and destroy you
Chaos is every day
Chaos is neverday

the universe exploding
one toaster shaking on the counter

i n f i n i t i s m a l infinity
that doesn't leave you alone
taps you on the shoulder
and shoots you in the face

define chaos:
That which will not be defined.

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