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bit of an AM ramble.

snow angels dovening down hill...
and i want to tell you. all the birds in this place. were poems in past lives. i want to tell you. i acknowledge that if time lost its apathy we would all be late. but i look into your eyes. and amnesiac overcomes me like a drug. this "bizarro" paranoia at 12:21AM....this craving for you....i never want to crave-at-you...i just want to crave-you...breathing-you-me...shake-rocking-you-me
this tender-jigsaw-puzzle-sob-relief(you-me)...i remember, the tempt of your lips. that first night. i remember that TEMPT...that alives me still....i remember the massacre of second-third----thought....i remember i became a raging impulse. less so part of this human world because of it. emerson would have called it "the aboriginal self" lacadaisacal highway system of ventricals drip----drip---dripping..the gut of me. i am a ship-wreck. disentigrating into sea-foam. mermaid's tears swallowed bodily...i aint no pink-satin.....cinderellajeans and i am a dancing disaster....i dont have to be dared to dance like an ultimatum...limbs free and gravity stops feigning steady existance....tell'er we're all unstable fuckos....give a little...we'll fall into the center of the universe..smiling faces cry while falling into themselves...and my love. my love. my love. i want to seep into your pores...until you can barely stand it...writhing avalanche.....snow angels dovening down hill....
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